The 2nd Quantum Software Engineering and Technology Workshop (QSET) was held this week, organized by aQuantum and UCLM. QuSET is co-located with IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (IEEE Quantum Week). The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness that the time has come to address quantum software production by applying knowledge and lessons learned in the field of software engineering. This involves applying or adapting existing software engineering processes, methods, techniques, practices and principles to quantum software development, or even creating new methods and techniques.

In this context, Ph.D. Ezequiel Murina, aQuantum Algorithms Team Leader, presented QuantumPath® that solves various challenges that quantum computing faces to become a widespread reality: on the one hand, the need to research and apply the existing software engineering processes and, on the other hand, the shortage of specialized workforce. Specifically, the “QuantumPath®´s Annealer Compositor” was exposed, which facilitates the definition and execution of annealing algorithms in either quantum annealing or digital annealing computers.

As of this week a special version of QuantumPath®, Free Developer, is available to the public free of charge at