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February 2019, as a result of a collaboration agreement signed between Alhambra IT and the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM), aQuantum is created as an R&D group specialized in research, development, consulting and services in the fields of Quantum Software Engineering and Development, in which the Alarcos Research Group plays a relevant role in scientific research on Quantum Software Engineering.

November 2020, Alhambra IT signs a collaboration agreement with Quantum Software Technology (QST). QST is a specialized company in the design, development and practical implementation of technologies, tools, products, and methods applied to the development of industry-ready hybrid quantum/classical software systems through its QuantumPath® software development platform. During the term of this agreement (until November 2022), both companies work, under the aQuantum brand, on the development of quantum software services.

November 2020, aQuantum, again attending to its growth, became aQuantum Software Engineering®.

October 2021, by agreement with QST, aQuantum announces public access to QuantumPath®, the first quantum software development platform for the hybrid solutions ecosystem.

January 2022, aQuantum is a provider of industry-ready hybrid classical/quantum software services.

April 2022, by agreement with QST, aQuantum launches QuantumPath® on Amazon Braket.

December 2022, by agreement with QST, aQuantum is a QuantumPath® reseller.


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