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QuantumPath® incorporates Qiskit QAOA

QuantumPath® incorporates Qiskit QAOA

QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm) is a quantum algorithm for finding approximate solutions to combinatorial optimization problems. QuantumPath®, the Quantum Software Development and Lifecycle Application Platform, has incorporated IBM's Qiskit QAOA...

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Posted a new aQuantum article: “Quantum Software Testing – state of the art”

Posted a new aQuantum article: “Quantum Software Testing – state of the art”

Antonio García de la Barrera, Macario Polo, Ignacio García y Mario Piattini members of aQuantum, have co-authored the article entitled “Quantum Software Testing – state of the art” published in the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process of Wiley. As we know,...

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QPath, the first quantum development & application lifecycle platform

Talking about QPath, the quantum development & aplication lifecycle platform

Introduction to agnostic quantum software development with QPath

Developing classical/quantum hybrid software with QPath

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Talavera Manifesto

This Manifesto collects some principles and commitments about the quantum software engineering and programming field,
as well as some calls for action.

Now you can read and sign the
Talavera Manifesto here.

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QuantumPath, The First Quantum Software Development and Application Lifecycle Platform, is an ecosystem that covers the widest range of possible applications by integrating the software classical and quantum worlds, developing quantum software connected to real-world systems”.

“The general aim of project “QHealth: Quantum pharmacogenomics applied to ageing” is mainly human-oriented: the increase in longevity and quality of life of older adults. The study will include the adverse reactions to prescribing drugs in order to predict unwanted side effects of a specific one”.


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