QPath®: The Quantum Software Development and Lifecycle Application Platform

An ecosystem of tools, services and processes that simplify the development of quantum algorithms into hybrid information systems.

QuantumPath® integrates the multiple quantum technology approaches (gate-based, quantum annealing, simulators, etc.) and the proposals of different quantum technology providers.

Design your quantum circuits or annealing definitions visually and create the complete algorithm using flows without having to worry about the tools required for it.

Develop quantum algorithms and software with QuantumPath®, a state of the art platform that will take your quantum algorithms to the next level: a complete lifecycle pipeline to create professional quantum software solutions.

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Free Developer

Subscription to learn about QuantumPath® and start designing, developing, testing, and experimenting quantum algorithms and solutions for the annealing and quantum gate approaches.

Free subscription

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Subscription for individual developers who need to design, develop and implement quantum algorithms and software solutions applied to the business with the annealing and quantum gate approaches.

Flexibility: paying monthly per user

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Subscription for professional quantum developers teams of small and medium organizations that require the QuantumPath® capabilities to develop high-quality quantum algorithms and apps.

Flexibility: paying monthly per user

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Subscription for large organizations requiring tools and services to create high-quality quantum algorithms with demanding requirements to develop complex hybrid classical/quantum business solutions.

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Lifecycle of professional quantum algorithms and Apps

    • Full lifecycle support: from creation, development, testing and implementation, to deployment and reuse
    • Automation of ALM tasks and phases
    • Assisted process management
    • Quantum project management support via Apps

Quantum developments for one or different existing quantum ecosystems

    • Transparent execution of quantum processing units, regardless of the platform on which they run
    • Compatibility and continuous interoperability with quantum vendor ecosystems
    • Development of quantum algorithms and Apps in the most appropriate context for each solution: 100% agnostic, semi-agnostic with DirectCode
    • Full software portability: write once, run everywhere

Development of hybrid solutions for the real-world

    • qSOA®, the Quantum Service-Oriented Architecture of QPath® enables the integration of quantum software and classical IT through ConnectionPoint and its open standards-based protocol:
      • Dynamic aggregation and modification of new assets to the solution based on business rules
      • Dynamic execution of algorithms by sending input data and collecting consolidated results both online and deferred
    • Facilities for dynamic integration with the real world 

Ecosystem for developing high-quality quantum algorithms and software

  • Comprehensive exploration of results using a unified framework
  • Inclusion of best practices for quantum software development
  • Automatic generation of manufacturer’s resources from the agnostic model
  • Solves most of the quality problems of quantum computing platforms

Quantum Software Adoption Accelerator

    • Reduced learning curve by not requiring mastery of different quantum languages and environments
    • Q assets compositor® tools for the visual design of quantum algorithms
    • Accelerates practical quantum software development by abstracting away its technical complications
    • Assists its users in quantum software development, guiding them step by step from the creation of the algorithm


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