José Luis Hevia and Adriana Palos Pereira, members of aQuantum, have published the article “Designing Complex Circuits with QuantumPath®” in The QPath Blog.

In the article, the authors show the convenience and usefulness of using the QuantumPath® Q xCompositor tool to work with circuits of great depth or containing certain design patterns. For this purpose, a quantum solver implementation of the Boolean satisfiability problem, or quantum SAT solver, is proposed as an example.

The content is presented through the following structure:

    • The SAT problem
    • Solution to the SAT problem
    • Implementation in QuantumPath® with Q xCompositor

In the summary, the authors highlight that the Q xCompositor tool is a suitable instrument for the agile definition of a circuit of large dimensions, such as the SAT problem, because in addition to providing the user with the QPath® circuit creation tools, it offers the commands and utilities defined in the Excel program, as well as the large number of actions that can be defined with the elements made available to the user.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Adriana and Pepe for the publication of this article.

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