The Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming

This manifesto collects some principles and commitments about the quantum software engineering and programming field, as well as some calls for action. This is the result of the discussion and different viewpoints of academia and industry practitioners who joined at the first International Workshop on QuANtum SoftWare Engineering & pRogramming (QANSWER) promoted by aQuantum.

We believe Quantum Software Engineering (QSE) is a necessary contribution to the success of quantum computing. We feel that the time has come to take care of producing quantum software by applying knowledge and lessons learned from the software engineering field. This implies to apply or adapt the existing soft-ware engineering processes, methods, techniques, practices and principles for the development of quantum software (or it may imply creating new ones).

We recognize that there is a rapidly-increasing awareness of the need for quantum computing applications, and there is a great desire to produce quantum software in an industrial, controlled manner. However, this is ineffective unless we come to understand how software engineering can help.

Principles and commitments

We propose the following initial set of principles and commitments:

  • QSE is agnostic regarding quantum programming languages and technologies
  • QSE embraces the coexistence of classical and quantum computing
  • QSE supports the management of quantum software development projects
  • QSE considers the evolution of quantum software
  • QSE aims at delivering quantum programs with desirable zero defects
  • QSE assures the quality of quantum software
  • QSE promotes quantum software reuse
  • QSE addresses security and privacy by design
  • QSE covers the governance and management of software

Call to Action

Each of the following stakeholders can do something right now to get started.

  • Software practitioners
  • Researchers.
  • Educators
  • Government and funding bodies
  • Quantum technology vendors
  • Professional associations
  • Customers
  • Users

Mario Piattini

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Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de Talavera de la Reina

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Manuel A. Serrano

Information Systems & Technology Department, UCLM

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M2i Formación

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Information Technology & Systems Institute

Claudio Andrés Paradela

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Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real

Ezequiel Murina

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Alhambra IT

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Quantum World Association

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