These webinars respond to the Talavera Manifesto call to action for quantum software engineering and programming on the necessary contribution of software best practices to the success of quantum computing.

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The necessary workforce for developing quantum software

Quantum computing started recently from a historical point of view. This recorded webinar addresses how quantum technology has impacted and will impact in society and, in particular, in quantum industry and academia. It will be analyzed the necessary workforce for developing quantum software.

Developing classical/quantum hybrid software

Classical and quantum computing will coexist for years. This webinar presents, in a practical way, on the most notable elements of the development of classical/quantum hybrid software solutions based on aQuantum’s experience in the development of this type of software.
This webinar is coming soon

Agile for the development of Quantum Software

The most relevant elements for the management of quantum software projects are addressed in this webinar, paying special attention to the feasibility of applying the agile methodology to the development of quantum software.
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