These webinars respond to the Talavera Manifesto call to action for quantum software engineering and programming on the necessary contribution of software best practices to the success of quantum computing.

Webinars designed by aQuantum 

Talking about QPath, the quantum development & aplication lifecycle platform

Do you want to know the most relevant functionalities of QPath, the quantum development & application lifecycle platform for the creation of high-quality quantum algorithms in the hybrid solutions ecosystem? In this webinar, its creators will show how QPath works, from the creation of the quantum algorithm through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse, and why QPath is an accelerator for the adoption of quantum software.

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Introduction to agnostic quantum software development with QPath

Is possible to develop quantum algorithms and integrate them into software production cycles? Do you know QPath can help you in the design of quantum algorithms for quantum computers from the most relevant vendors without the need to learn their multiple programming languages and development kits? In this webinar we will show you how we approach this challenge with QPath, the first quantum development & application lifecycle platform for agnostic quantum software.

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Developing classical/quantum hybrid software with QPath

Classical and quantum computing will coexist for years. This webinar presents the main elements for develop classical/quantum hybrid software solutions based on aQuantum’s experience. In a practical way, we will present how to integrate classical and quantum software using QPath`s tools and services. Learn in this webinar how QPath facilitates the integration of Quantum Apps with classic IT using the QPAth Integration Point for dynamic integration.

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