The 2nd European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC) was held as a virtual event being hosted by the Irish Centre for High-End Computing and the National University of Ireland,  Galway between 29th November and 2nd December 2021. The European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC) is the international conference of the European Quantum Flagship initiative.

In this context, José Luis Hevia, Guido Peterssen and Mario Piattini presented “QPath®, an accelerator for the adoption of Quantum Software”.

In the conception of how the Quantum Computing must be used in the business chain, the creators of the QuantumPath® CORE visualize the fact that research in the field of quantum computing today is not keeping in mind that the research of new use cases must take care about the best principles in terms of software solutions engineering. Quantum projects must be adopted and share by different knowledge areas with better tools, with engineering features and the best IT practices for the creation of quality projects -research related or not-. In the end, this conception of quantum computing, the technology must match the business requirements and be aligned with its needs. And, to achieve this purpose, it is necessary to have the training, the tools and the path.

The QuantumPath® CORE platform has been designed, developed and put into production, as a fullstack software platform to be useful in real-world IT architecture to fit people who want to explore and create quantum solutions.

At EQTC 2021, the authors present QuantumPath® as an accelerator to make possible the fast adoption of the quantum computing technologies for the business. And we present the core elements that fits with the business and provide advantages like: user-friendly interfaces for the professional definition of Quantum gates or annealing problems orchestrated into Visual Flows -QuantumPath Assets Compositors™. Each of them under the Software Engineer principles which QuantumPath® is based on, published to the business through the qSOA™ technologies. A technology that makes possible the practical integration of classical systems with the quantum business use cases with quality and proven standards.

QPath® has in its soul the application of best practices in Software Engineering and Programming applied to Quantum Computing Technologies to make practical the translation of the requirements defined by manufacturers for their ecosystems to the quantum-hybrid real architectures. QPath® isolates the specific details of quantum hardware and simulators from quantum software development, ensuring compatibility with the ecosystems of different quantum providers, and full and ongoing interoperability with them. This power, properly directed to the business through real projects, training, consulting and products, makes the adoption of quantum technologies by the business faster and more accessible.

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