aQuantum’s research and development activity continues to grow and to respond satisfactorily to these production needs the team has increased again, this month with six new scientists and technicians. This time, the destination of the new incorporations is the new line of research “Green Quantum Algorithms & Software” and the lines of research and development of QPath® Tools and Algorithms.

As usual in the aQuantum hiring process, some of the new team members will initially receive training in quantum software and algorithm development with QuantumPath®. This training is specially designed to acquire the skills required of  quantum software researchers and developers . This is part of the aQuantum´s approach to promote the development and consolidation of  staff competencies in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

At aQuantum we have designed the competency preparation processes for quantum software development, but we also know how important it is for our success to recruit people who share our enthusiasm for quantum software research and development .

The aQuantum Team Welcomes Nacho, Adriana, Martín, Coral, Felix and Mariángeles, and wishes them every success as part of aQuantum.