The 1st National Meeting of the Mexican Thematic Network of Software Engineering, 2022 (REDMISOFT’22) was held in Guanajuato, Mexico from 9 to 11 February, organized by REDMIS (Red Mexicana de Ingeniería de Software), that aims to identify the current state of research and practice of Software Engineering, in order to define the bases that will lead to generate scientific knowledge and generate good practices in a collegial manner to be used in the industry.

Both Dr. Mario Piattini and Dr. Ignacio García, members of aQuantum, summarised the activities carried out by aQuantum in the last years and analysed some quantum research topics.

Mario Piattini dealt with “Quantum computing: the essence“. In this conference, Dr. Piattini reviewed the evolution of quantum computing, his main applications, fundamental concepts, and a general overview of quantum hardware and software will be presented.

Ignacio García presented “Quantum Software Engineering: Talavera Manifesto, how it going on“. In his talk, Dr. García, along with the principles, commitments included in the manifesto, showed the progress made in some of these lines of action, showing to what extent the Talavera Manifesto is taking shape and impacting current society.

Professors Héctor Pérez & César Guerra from the UASLP (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí), Mexico, members of the aQuantum Network, also participated as speakers with the presentation “Quantum Software Engineering: the practical application of ‘quantum computing'”; and also a Work Plan Session “Quantum Software Engineering Initiative in REDMIS” was held.

In this way aQuantum continues to respond to the call to action of the Talavera Manifesto, contributing to the democratisation and dissemination of quantum software engineering and programming.