Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, UASLP) and aQuantum sign a Collaboration Agreement for the joint realization of R&D in the area of Quantum Software Engineering and  Programming, as well as promoting aQuantum training activities in these areas in México. In order to carry out the training activities provided for in the Agreement, the UASLP becomes an “Academic Partner” of aQuantum Partner Network (aQNetwork).

The UASLP is the most important university in the state of San Luis Potosí, one of the best public higher education institutions in Mexico and the first autonomous university in the country, a faculty that was granted in 1923.

UASLP has 8 campuses and a wide academic offer that includes 1 general baccalaureate program, 101 undergraduate degrees and 105 postgraduate degrees. Here, more than 33,000 students study quality educational programs, accredited by national and international organizations.

Research is one of the main strengths of the UASLP, because through its laboratories and development centers in science, technology and innovation, cutting-edge projects, products and lines of work are generated for the world.

This agreement between the UASLP and aQuantum not only brings an advantageous collaboration for both organizations, but also allows aQuantum to continue its constant commitment with the Talavera Manifesto and the dissemination of knowledge about Quantum Software Engineering and Programming through all possible channels. Additionally, this collaboration will enable aQuantum to expand its efforts in the quantum literacy of the workforce, which is a global fundamental need to contribute to the advancement of the adoption of the quantum computing and programming in the real world.

We are confident that this collaboration will be advantageous for both organizations, allowing us to collaborate with more experts and professionals, sharing with them our knowledge, facilitating the academic use of our technological solutions through QuantumPath® and expanding also the horizon of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming in Latin America.

At aQuantum we are excited to start this collaboration with our new partner. We are sure that it will not only lead us to redouble our efforts in the fields with which we collaborate with UASLP, but also to duplicate the results of our activities.