On 27-28th July, José Luis Hevia, aQuantum CTO, will present “Preparing industry for quantum-ready software with QuantumPath®” at Quantum Realm, Envisioning a Tech-forward Future.

Powered by AWS, this exclusive gathering will bring together all stakeholders in this sector, including academia, startups and government, on a shared platform.

The organizers invite all researchers, students, experts and startups in the quantum computer sector. Join the event to close gaps and drive scientific innovation. Together, let’s transform the quantum landscape, break down barriers and build an empowered quantum computing community.

The meeting will have two editions on the following dates:

July 27, 2023, India and Singapore

July 28, 2023, Australia

You can find the detailed agenda of the meeting and register online at https://www.quantum-realm.in/

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe for his contribution to the dissemination of professional development of industry-ready hybrid quantum/classical software systems.

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