In April, in response to the calls to action of the Talavera Manifesto, we held the first aQuantum QANSWER 2020 Webinars on quantum software engineering and programming.

Thanks to these webinars, we have confirmed the major existing interest of a large number of professionals to learn more about this field, trying to overcome the quantum illiteracy that currently prevails in the field of software engineering and programming; people want and need to know, seeing the wide field of possibilities quantum software engineering and programming opens up. We are convinced that this work of awareness, motivation and training is critical for the sector and, therefore, we will continue to carry out similar actions in the future.

The aquantum webinars will continue throughout 2020. if you want to be updated on new presentations and dates, We recommend that you stay tuned to our website.

We want to thank the professionals for their assistance, not only for their assistance but because thanks to the questions of many of the attendees we can improve our own research and self-training work.

Also, thank all the speakers of the University of Castilla la Mancha and aQuantum by Alhambra for their extraordinary presentations and, M2i Formación for lending its platform and helping in the organization.

If you have comments, questions or ideas about the webinarss. You can contact us here.