As we recently explained in the post at call-for-action-webinars, aQuantum is conducting a series of webinars on the world of quantum software engineering and programming. We are very happy to be able to communicate that the attendance to them increased as the interest in the world of quantum software grew.

We currently have 6 different webinars and more than 10 remaining dates planned in April, but it is most likely that both the number of different webinars and dates are will increase, and that these webinars also will extend beyond April.

If you are not already, I invite you to sign up for the webinars that interest you and communicate to us the different doubts or questions that you may have in each one of them.

Remember that in order to attend them you must access the m2iformation and that the easiest way to see the different webinars and sign up for the calls that interest you is to go directly to:
Where you can find those webinars in the first category.