Today we have good news for the entire quantum world.

This year QANSWER will be held in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, on February 11 and 12. This international workshop will deal with the different challenges that quantum software engineering and development will have to face in order to adapt to the new needs of quantum computing scaling and not be left behind in quantum supremacy. Different points of view on multiple facets of these topics will be presented by experts and researchers in order to give some light on all these issues.

Also, it is a pride to be able to say that aQuantum is one of the promoters of this innovative event and that, of course, many of the team members will be present and will present part of the fruit of their research and ideas.

You can sign up and come to the event at:

Let us all make QANSWER a success and new annual landmark for the quantum community.