Aurelio Martinez, Borja García, Guido Peterssen and José Luis Hevia, members of aQuantum, have published in The QPath Blog the article “Using QuantumPath® Q Provider Factory with quantum programmes implemented with Ocean SDK”.

Q Provider Factory is a Python library of QrEngineer APP that allows quantum programs developed with different SDKs from the main quantum providers to be adapted to the QuantumPath®.

In the article the authors show, step by step, a practical example of how to use Q Provider Factory to transpile and execute, through QuantumPath®, a quantum program implemented with Ocean SDK, Python development software provided by D-Wave that allows solving optimization problems on their annealing quantum computers.

In the summary, the authors highlight that Q Provider Factory opens a new path for developers of quantum applications who wish to use in the lifecycle of their developments the extensive set of tools, services, methods and processes of QPath®, designed from the perspective of Quantum Software Engineering to facilitate the creation of hybrid quantum/classical software systems.

You can access the QrEngineer APP through QuantumPath®.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Aurelio, Borja, Pepe, and Guido for the publication of this article.

You can read the full text of this article here or view all articles published by aQuantum here.