Having been established in 2015, Quantum Computing Report is one of the oldest publications reporting on the status and evolution of quantum computing.

Within this publication you can find a list of the most representative universities in quantum world research:

It is a pride to be able to say that, once again, thanks to the effort of the aQuantum team, in particular the work of Grupo Alarcos of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), UCLM has been added to the list of the few universities in the quantum panorama in Spain and Europe. UCLM is specialized in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming:


This is one more small step, which not only recognizes the work of aQuantum, but also helps to place the Spanish university scene among the players in quantum research.

This encourages us to work even more tirelessly to continue to increase the visibility of the importance of research in quantum software engineering and programming.