As we had reported, the work sessions of the Hands on Workshop “Introduction to Amazon Braket and QuantumPath®: Creating Quantum Solutions” were recorded and the videos are now available on the aQuantum Channel.

The workshop included a detailed presentation on Amazon Braket quantum technologies and its services, on QuantumPath® the platform for the development and life cycle of quantum software applications, and a practical demonstration of how to develop complete real solutions with QuantumPath® Enterprise using the wide range of quantum systems of Amazon Braket.

The agenda of the workshop, and therefore the content of the videos, is as follows:

Day 1 Video:

    • Introductions
    • Demo: Setting up Braket Notebooks
    • Demo: Cost estimation & Best Practices
    • Getting attendees accounts ready for hands-on session
    • Using the Braket SDK and Accessing Device Data
    • Technical intro/lecture
    • Demo/hands-on setup
    • Hands-on session
    • Running Circuits on QPU Devices and Basic Task Workflows
    • Technical intro/lecture
    • Demo/hands-on setup
    • Hands-on session
    • Quantum Path Overview
    • Creating complete Quantum Solutions

Day 2 Video:

    • Summary of Day 1
    • QuantumPath® Solutions preparation Hands On Lab
    • Introduction to QuantumPath solutions lifecycle and asset management
    • Demo: Gate-based algorithm development in QuantumPath with no limit qubit scaling
    • Demo: Quantum annealing software development in QuantumPath
    • Preparing for enterprise solutions: hybrid Quantum-Classic architectures with qSOA®
    • Summary and wrap up

The videos are available for anyone who wants to know the presentations made.

You can access all the videos published by aQuantum here.