Ezequiel Murina, aQuantum Algorithm Researcher, has published the article The QPath approach for Quantum Annealing.

Annealing as a foreign concept in computing science. Theory with practice. In full correspondence with this statement, the article focuses on explaining, through an attractive presentation and language, what is quantum annealing, how works the first commercial quantum annealer, what we code, and what QPath offers in this regard.

In a very interesting proposal, the author reels, through examples and questions, a journey to understand conceptually, from a scientific perspective, the Annealing concept and, on that basis, makes a transparent presentation of its application to the world of quantum computing.

Let the author guide you through this particular theoretical/practical tour and you will find answers to these and other interesting questions about Quantum Annealing:

How frequently do you find the dichotomy about theory vs practice whenever you consult technical or scientific literature, attend a webinar or even a lecture at the University?

What is annealing?

A commercial quantum annealer?

What the programmers code?

What is QPath’s proposal to accelerate software development for the quantum annealer?

The article has been published in the section on The QPath Blog.

The aQuantum team congratulates Ezequiel for this contribution and we are looking forward to his next article.

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