The National University of La Plata (UNLP) and aQuantum sign a Collaboration Agreement for the joint realization of R&D in the area of Quantum Software Engineering and  Programming, as well as promoting aQuantum training activities in these areas in Argentina. In order to carry out the training activities provided for in the Agreement, the UNLP becomes an “Academic Partner” of the aQuantum Partner Network (aQNetwork).

The UNLP was founded in 1905 by Dr. Joaquín Víctor González. With more than a century of history, it continues to be a pioneer in cutting-edge cultural, artistic and scientific studies and developments. This has given it the prestige that places it among the leading universities in Argentina, the American continent and the world. Teaching, research and extension make up the basic pillars of this University that, among other relevant data, has:

    • 17 Faculties and 110,000 undergraduate students.
    • 18,500 annual admissions of new students
    • 111 undergraduate degrees -157 degrees- and 170 postgraduate degrees
    • 500 postgraduate courses with about 22,000 students
    • 12,000 teachers of undergraduate and undergraduate courses, and 3,000 non-teachers
    • 154 Research and Development Institutes, Centers and Laboratories with about 6,000 Researchers

This agreement between the UNLP and aQuantum not only brings an advantageous collaboration for both organizations, but also allows aQuantum to continue its constant commitment with the Talavera Manifesto and the dissemination of knowledge about Quantum Software Engineering and Programming through all possible channels. Additionally, this collaboration will enable aQuantum to expand its efforts in the quantum literacy of the workforce, which is a global fundamental need to contribute to the advancement of the adoption of the quantum computing and programming in the real world.

This collaboration will be advantageous for both parts, allowing us to collaborate with more experts and professionals, sharing with them our knowledge, facilitating the academic use of our technological solutions through QuantumPath® and expanding also the horizon of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming in South America.

At aQuantum we are very excited about the start of this collaboration with UNLP and we are convinced that this collaboration will enhance the results of our research, development and training activities.