The expansion of the activity in research lines, the increasing importance in quantum software development and the growth of the aQuantum Partner Network have provoked new knowledge needs in aQuantum. Therefore, once more in the last few months, we have enlarged the aQuantum team. This new demand for work will be satisfied by new aQuantum Researchers, aQuantum Senior Research and aQuantum Research Consultant.

aQuantum has put into practice, once again, the results of its research line specialized in the investigation of competences and training for the workforce needed for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. Thanks to this, the best personalized strategy has been applied to increase the R&D and Quantum Software Development team without risking the success and quality of ongoing R&D and quantum software development projects.

In addition to the logical pre-selection process, the new team members have previously been trained with aQuantum’s quantum courses, designed to acquire the competencies that quantum software researchers and developers must have. All this as part of the aQuantum method to promote the development and consolidation of the competencies of the workforce in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

The growth of quantum software research and development teams can be complex not only due to the lack of qualified personnel in the labor market, but also due to the lack of adequate methods to manage it successfully.

At aQuantum we have designed the processes for preparing the competencies for the development of quantum software, but we also know how important it is for our success to select people with our same enthusiasm for research and development of quantum software.