Our activity in the development of software, algorithms and quantum apps is not only constant, but is also growing steadily. Therefore we keep open, permanently, the call for the selection of Physicists, Mathematicians and Computer Engineers to incorporate them into our research, development and business activities and be an active part of our polymath team in the field of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

This time the new member, Irene Cáceres Muñoz, join the aQuantum Algorithms Team.

Experience has taught us that currently the growth of quantum software research and development teams is very complex, not only due to the lack of qualified personnel in the labor market, but also due to the lack of adequate methods to manage this especial selection process it successfully.

Our response to this situation has been to model the processes, in such a way that it makes it easier for us to find and hire new team members. Therefore, after passing the corresponding interviews, the selected candidate begin their activity with a personalized theoretical/practical training that includes the aQuantum courses, designed to acquire the competences that researchers and developers of quantum software must have. All this as part of the aQuantum method to promote the development and consolidation of the competencies of the workforce in Engineering and Quantum Software Programming according to the principles of Talavera Manifesto.

Additionally, at aQuantum we have designed specific processes to accelerate the creation of the necessary competences for the development of high-quality algorithms and quantum software for three types of specialists: Computer Engineers, Mathematicians and Physicists. But we are also aware of the importance of selecting specialists in different disciplines with the same enthusiasm that we have with research and development in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

The aQuantum Team welcome Irene and we wish her every success as part of aQuantum .