At aQuantum we do not stop addressing new challenges in the development of quantum software which, logically, demand new ways of approaching R&D tasks and a greater capacity to develop algorithms and quantum software. Therefore, once more, we expanded our team in the lines of quantum algorithms, quantum software solutions and business development.

As with many new hires, the new team members will initially receive training in quantum software and algorithm development with QuantumPath®. This training is specially designed to acquire the competencies that quantum software researchers and developers must have. All this as part of the aQuantum method to promote the development and consolidation of the competencies of the workforce in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming.

At a Quantum we have designed the processes for preparing the competencies for the development of quantum software, but we also know how important it is for our success to select people with our same enthusiasm for research and development of quantum software.

The aQuantum Team Welcomes Gloria, Javi, Borja, Inmaculada and Monique, and wishes them every success as part of aQuantum.