As part of its policy of creating aQuantum Labs that allow to experiment with innovative ideas, carry out proof-of-concepts and implementations in partnership with the main research groups and institutes, aQuantum has established in collaboration with the Alicante University, a Joint Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab.

On February, 22, 2023 the institutional signing of the agreement establishing this aQuantum Lab for Quantum Artificial Intelligence of aQuantum and the University of Alicante took place. The signing ceremony was presided over by the President of the University of Alicante  Prof. Amparo Navarro Faure and  Mr. Guido Peterssen aQuantum COO, the Research and Innovation Vice-President Dr. Juan Mora, the Secretary of the University Institute of Computer Research  Dr. Antonio Pertusa, the researcher of the Lucentia Research Group of the University of Alicante, Dr. Juan Carlos Trujillo Dr. Mario Piattini aQuantum CRO, and Aurelio Martínez Corchano, Manager of Quantum Aplication Development.

The aQuantum Lab for Quantum Artificial Intelligence will focus on joint R&D in Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Natural Language Processing, as well as promoting training activities in Quantum Computing in the Comunitat Valenciana. QuantumPath® platform will be used in the research and training activities carried out within the framework this aQuantum Lab.

Even more, the Secretary and Representative of the  University Institute of Computer Research express that the Institute has more than 130 Researchers and several research groups are willing to collaborate with aQuantum as one of their main research lines are focused on Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

At the end of the meeting, the COO of the aQuantum expressed their support to the application of the University of Alicante to the Full Professorship Artificial Intelligence (ENIA) programme.

At aQuantum we are very excited about the start of this collaboration with the University Institute of Computer Research and Lucentia Research Group, their incorporations to the aQNetwork and in this way contribute to the development of the quantum workforce and the creation of a practical quantum software development hub in the Comunitat Valenciana.