Today we take a key step for the future of quantum programming. Today we express our beliefs about quantum software engineering and programming, about its present and future.

Talavera Manifesto

Within the frame of the Qanswer2020 in Talavera de la Reina (Spain), meetings with experts and professionals in the sector led us to agree on our position on quantum engineering and programming, to create a statement of intentions and objectives, the Talavera Manifesto for the engineering and programming of quantum software.
This manifested, whose name is due to the place where it was agreed, is initially signed by many of the experts and researchers who attended Talavera and our aQuantum members.

You can read the manifesto and all the information about it in:

We would like to invite everyone to read the manifesto and, if you agree with it, sign it. We hope this will raise awareness and grow the community, making engineering and programming as soon as possible a reality and an opportunity for the whole society.