Quantum Software Engineering and Programming is increasingly attracting the attention of several conferences and journals. The Applied Sciences, an open access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences, has just approved an Special Issue on “Quantum Software Engineering and Programming”.

The following topics are deemed suitable for publication: Quantum software development problems; Quantum programming challenges; Quantum software testing; Quantum programming development environments; Quantum software patterns and best practices; Quantum software quality; Quantum services delivery and management; and Quantum software engineers’ education and training.

Therefore, this Special Issue will provide an overall picture of the problems and challenges of developing quantum software and up-to-date software engineering techniques and principles for the development of quantum software to both researchers and practitioners.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 May 2020

Of course, we are simply happy because of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming becoming relevant for scientific publications, but we are much more so because the editor of this special publication is one of aQuantum members, Prof. Dr. Mario Piattini, aQuantum Science Team Leaders and Leader of the Alarcos Research Group.