The research team of the SMOQUIN (‘Software Modernization for embracing Quantum Information’) project has selected QuantumPath® (QPath®) as the quantum platform to support the research project.

SMOQUIN (PID2019-104791RB-I00) is framed within the National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research Innovation (which is co-funded with FEDER). This project attempts to provide a software modernization approach (based on model-driven reengineering) for restructuring classical information systems alongside new or existing quantum software. The last goal is to migrate toward hybrid information systems by integrating classical and quantum software.

For this matter, QPath® as a general-purpose quantum platform offers several benefits for the software modernization of classical-quantum systems. First, QPath is fully agnostic regarding the quantum computing parading and different providers. Thus, it provides the optimal software execution in both, simulators and quantum computers. Additionally, QPath efficiently supports the two quantum computing approaches (gate-based and annealing), which is crucial for the today’s solutions. Moreover, QPath already offers a full technological ecosystem that makes it possible the agile integration in hybrid information systems.

The research leaders in the SMOQUIN projects, Alfonso Niño Ramos and Ricardo Perez del Castillo at Faculty of Social Sciences and IT in Talavera de la Reina, consider extremely valuable the usage of an industrial tool that will undoubtedly contribute to the modernization of classical-quantum software and boost the quantum computing sector in Spain.