The research team of the QU-ASAP project has selected QuantumPath® as the quantum platform to support the research project. Our aQuantum colleagues from the Alarcos Research group together with researchers from the SciCom group in Ciudad Real and Talavera have obtained funding for the QU-ASAP project (Quantum Software Modernization Prototype). This project has been funded in the last national call for ‘proof of concept’ projects with 125,580€ for the next two years, 2023 and 2024. This call is funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Spanish Research Agency and “NextGeneration” funds from the European Union.

The main objective of the QU-ASAP project (PDC2022-133051-I00) is to support the modernization of legacy software to quantum systems, using different software best practices, as well as to validate prototypes with end users to obtain sufficient evidence of suitability and applicability in the industry for the adoption of this type of technologies. The main impact is that it is expected to achieve lasting competitive advantages for the pioneer companies, which adopt and lead the transition towards the development of quantum software and services.

This will allow aQuantum to complete its modernization strategy using QuantumPath® platform as a basis for a comprehensive modernization of hybrid (classical-quantum) systems.