Mario Piattini, aQuantum CRO, Guido Peterssen, aQuantum COO, and Jose Luis Hevia, aQuantum CTO, have co-authored the article entitled “QuantumPath® in the quantum computing technology landscape“, published in The QuantumPath Blog on 08/11/2021.

In the article the authors state that one of the main current concerns in relation to quantum computing is the lack of good software environments that facilitate quantum programming.

In this general context, the authors show how QuantumPath® fits into this technological landscape of quantum computing through a comparative analysis from two perspectives:

    • The quantum computing technology
    • The quantum software development platforms

The general panorama of quantum computing is approached keeping in mind:

    • Full-stack providers
    • Independent providers of:
      • Software applications
      • Quantum encryption and AI
      • Cloud computing
      • Systems and firmware

For the comparative analysis of software development platforms, the authors focus attention on the most representative platforms in the international arena, through a set of valid functionalities for the analysis.

To know in detail the arguments and conclusions of the authors on this analysis, we recommend accessing the full article here.

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