The Workshop – Introduction to Amazon Braket and QuantumPath®: Creating Quantum Solutions was not only a great success in terms of attendance, but also in terms of satisfaction, since, according to those whose attended, over 95% agree (or strongly agree) that the event has met their expectations, and over 98% found the presentations informative and useful.

Taking advantage of the celebration of this workshop and the possibility given to the attendees to thoroughly test both platforms for 72 hours,  a survey to collect the users’ opinion about the actual functioning and features of QuantumPath® was carried out. The result of the survey is published in The QPath® Blog.

Responses were obtained from the attendees from Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, USA, France, and Spain, 35% of whom are willing to use QuantumPath® in short term (3 to 6 months) and 26% in medium term (6 to 12 months). Besides, 25% of the survey respondents are thinking of integrating a classic software application of their company with quantum computing services in short term (3 to 6 months) and 22% in medium term (6 to 12 months).

In general, more than 97% of the respondents agree that: “QPath helps you designing the quantum algorithms and organize them into solutions under a user-friendly repository”, “QPath supports the execution of quantum process units transparently of the environment in which they are executed”, “QPath accelerates the construction and deployment of quantum applications, abstracting their technical complexities”, “QPath proposes a truly agnostic approach, including both quantum gates and quantum annealing”, and that “qSOA simplifies the integration of quantum software and classical IT”.

As we can see the results of the survey confirm with the actual use of the platform the capabilities and advantages of QuantumPath®.

You can see a detailed presentation of the answers to the survey questions here