José Luis Hevia, Mario Piattini and Guido Peterssen, members of aQuantum, have published the article “QuantumPath® and mitigating the impact of change on quantum computing vendors” in The QPath Blog.

In the article, the authors show the impact that the change of a certain quantum technology provider can have and the importance of considering this possibility as something real in the risk management of quantum computing projects. The article shows how, depending on the way we prepare to manage this risk, this will be the quality of the response to critical situations such as these:

  • What happens to my developed assets?
  • What happens to all the results of my runs?
  • Do I have a similar technological alternative?
  • How long can it take me to adopt an alternative technology?
  • What does an alternative technology cost me?
  • What other options do I have to be able to keep my developments in progress for longer?

In providing the answers to these questions, the authors outline, above all, the importance that they attach to the technology-agnostic approach to quantum providers as a robust, forward-looking strategy that can be decisive in mitigating this risk at times like the present, with a high presence of changes in quantum technologies. In this context, they present QuantumPath® as an option, a platform that, thanks to its agnostic core, minimizes almost to zero the impact for the user that could cause a possible drastic change with quantum technology providers.

The validity of their reasoning is shown through a situation experienced in the last few days: as of November 17, 2022, Amazon Braket stopped providing its users with access to D-Wave QPUs through its cloud services. The impact on QuantumPath® users of this decision has been minimal, without the need to reprogram their algorithms, they also have the native D-Wave providers to use this technology in the new context, the OCEAN simulators and the new Q Agnostic QAOATM technology from QuantumPath®, which allows running optimization algorithms on gate-based machines.

An indication of the real impact of this quantum provider change on QuantumPath® users is the informative guide that has been delivered to them so that they can adapt their solutions to the recent change in the Amazon Braket ecosystem:

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