To visually showcase the most relevant features of QuantumPath®, we recently published the QuantumPath® Advantage page on the platform’s website.

This new publication in this new section is focused on showing another of the advantages that qSOA™ brings for the development of hybrid classical/quantum solutions with QPath®.

QPath® is a quantum software development platform that, designed and developed applying the principles of the Talavera Manifesto for Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, is a hybrid solutions ecosystem. Thanks to this, QPath® is truly extensible, with a modular design that supports the integration of third-party solutions through pipelines.

The qSOA ™ architecture makes possible this advantage of QPath® for the development of hybrid solutions, since it facilitates dynamic integration with the real world, which enables the integration of quantum software with classical IT supporting:

    • Dynamic aggregation and modification of new assets to the solution based on business rules
    • Dynamic execution of algorithms by sending input data and collecting consolidated results both online and deferre

The presentation shows graphically:

    • The Quantum Path
    • Advantages of developing with the QPath®’s qSOA™, compared with how hybrid integration is usually approached in the current model
    • The fundamental features of qSOA™
    • The workflow with qSOA™
    • Execution, without the need for changes, of QPath® solutions against favorite instances on providers’ quantum computers
    • Quantum software development platform for the hybrid solution ecosystem

You can learn more about qSOA™ and the advantages it brings to the quantum development of algorithms and apps here.

You can have the experience of developing quantum algorithms and apps with qSOA™ with QPath® Free Developer subscription.