To visually showcase the most relevant features of QuantumPath®, a new section has been published on the platform’s website: QuantumPath® Advantage.

The first publication of this new section is focused on showing the advantages that Q Assets Compositor™ brings to the development of quantum algorithms and apps with QPath®.

Q assets compositor™ is a set of QuantumPath® tools for the visual design of quantum algorithms and Apps in real-world architecture: Quantum Gates editor, Annealing composer, DirectCode editor.

The presentation shows graphically:

    • Advantages of developing with the QPath GUI, compared to manual code programming
    • The facilities of Q Assets Compositor™ to create the circuit or formulate the QUBO matrix
    • The Working flow with Q Assets Compositor™
    • Examples for quantum gates and annealing
    • The visual process of formulating the QUBO matrix
    • The visual process for creating a circuit
    • The Pipelines of Q Assets Compositor™
    • The exploitation of quantum algorithms and apps developed with Q Assets Compositor™ in the widest range of technologies from quantum providers

You can learn more about Q Assets Compositor™ and the advantages it brings to the quantum development of algorithms and apps here.

You can have the experience of developing quantum algorithms and apps with Q Assets Compositor™ with QPath® Free Developer subscription.