As part of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) events, José Luis Hevia, Founder & CTO of aQuantum together with Nihit Pokhrel, Partner Solutions Architect, HPC at Amazon Web Services (AWS), have presented the video: “Software Engineering with QuantumPath® with AWS

In this webinar they discuss how QuantumPath® lowers the barrier to entry to Quantum Computing using Amazon Braket, as well as the need to use software engineering best practices both in the construction of an agnostic software development platform such as QPath® and when building the hybrid (quantum-classical) solutions themselves in the real world.

Also on the webinar you can learn about the aQuantum´s trajectory, and see a demo of QuantumPath® and its relationship with Amazon Braket. Also, you can attend how to create a gate based circuit and exploring an annealing one, and how qSOA® helps tremendously in integrating quantum assets into traditional information system. You can have access to a Free Developer license to test the platform here.

The aQuantum Team congratulates both Nihit and Pepe for this interesting webinar.

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