Guido Peterssen, José Luis Hevia and Mario Piattini, members of aQuantum, have published in English the book “Quantum Software Engineering & QuantumPath®“, in which a dozen aQuantum members participate as co-authors of different chapters.

In the book, the authors state that, for quantum software to be truly useful for the industry, it must be developed according to the best practices of Software Engineering. In the different chapters of the book this statement is unpacked with the aim of showing, from different angles, that only professional quantum software development can provide the industry with what it expects from it: high-quality, secure, extensible, high performance, high scalability and to ensure the investment made in it. In this regard, the book shows how the QuantumPath® platform facilitates the development of industry-ready quantum software that meets these characteristics by insulating software engineers from the implementation details and providing them with the tools, and the right support, to make it happen.

The book presents extensive theoretical and practical content that summarizes some of the extensive scientific research, applied research and development work carried out by aQuantum in the field of Software Engineering and Quantum Programming. As shown below, the logical exposition of the book is organized in three parts, flows through 14 Chapters, and is complemented by 2 Appendices:

Part I. Fundamentals

Chapter 1: QuantumPath®

Chapter 2: QuantumPath® and Quantum Software Engineering

Part II. Quantum Software Engineering Best Practices

Chapter 3: Life cycle for Quantum Software

Chapter 4: Quantum IT Services Management

Chapter 5: Graphical Interfaces for Quantum Development

Chapter 6: Modernizing Quantum Systems

Chapter 7: Quantum Software Testing

Chapter 8: Quantum Software Quality

Chapter 9: Hybrid Systems

Part III. Use cases

Chapter 10: Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm

Chapter 11: Teleportation Algorithm

Chapter 12: Algorithm of the “Knights of the Square Table”

Chapter 13: Applications in Finance

Chapter 14: Health Applications


Appendix  I. Implementation of QuantumPath® on AWS

Appendix II. Evaluation of QuantumPath®

As Juan Moreno from AWS points out in the foreword: “quantum computing needs to transcend the lab environment by having professionals speak the language of industry and business and evangelize technology in a language that is familiar to IT professionals, with rigor and building bridges that facilitate the integration of heterogeneous groups … aQuantum is a great example of such synergy“.

From aQuantum within the mission of quantum literacy that we set ourselves since our inception and in order to transmit the lessons and knowledge acquired over the years, we hope that this book can contribute to the production of quantum software with sufficient quality and productivity, which is the cornerstone for the dissemination of quantum computing.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Guido, Pepe, Mario and all the authors for the publication of the book in English and their contribution to the dissemination of Quantum Computing.

The book “Quantum Software Engineering & QuantumPath®” has been published by aQuantum Software Engineering and is available on Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT | NL | JP | BR | CA | MX | AU | IN |

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