This February a working meeting was held between 1MillionBot, Solution Partner of aQuantum Network, and aQuantum, in order to study the realization of joint projects in the area of the use of quantum computing in natural language processing.

As is well known, 1MillionBot is an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP), automation and data analytics company, leader in Spain and Latin America in product and service technology. On the other hand, aQuantum is a global provider of quantum software engineering and development, providing customers with tools that facilitate the development of quantum algorithms and hybrid classical/quantum software systems through the Quantum Software as a Service (QSaaS) model.

The realization of the joint projects will bring together the broad competence and experience of both companies in technological areas that are not only complementary, but mutually enriching, which will contribute to achieve the main goal of this collaboration: to build tools based on quantum computation that contribute to reduce the gap between academic research and industrial applications in the areas of Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI) and Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP).

In the summary of an activity characterized by the richness of the exchange of proposals and the high creative content, Dr. Andrés Pedreño, CEO of 1MillionBot, highlighted the great potential of combining artificial intelligence with quantum computing, and the relevant role that Alicante can play in this area.

At aQuantum we are very excited about the possibilities that were raised at this meeting and the joint projects that are on the horizon.


In the photo, from left to right: Manuel Marco – Member Lucentia Reserach Group; Celia Sánchez – CEO One Million; Mario Piattini – aQuantum CRO; Guido Peterssen – aQuantum COO; Andrés Pedreño – President One Million; Juan C. Trujillo – Director Lucentia Reserach Group; Trini Mora – Coordinator One Million Projects; Asumpta Ricart – One Million Meeting Organizer