The main objective of the signed agreement between Quantum BCS and aQuantum Software Engineering is to boost the collaboration between both companies in the development of industry-ready Hybrid Classical-Quantum Software solutions, one of aQuantum’s R&D strategic lines in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming. With the signing of this agreement, Quantum BCS becomes an aQNetwork “Solution Partner”.

Quantum BCS is a French company provide secure solutions that solve complex problems. The company, founded in Paris by a team of experts passionate about Quantum computing and Blockchain solutions, as the most disruptive technologies that have not yet delivered its full potential.

The Quantum BCS team works by applying the best competencies in France and in Europe, to collaborate on the design of innovative applications that solve complex problems, bring new products to the market, with full trust and security.

The incorporation of Quantum BCS to aQNetwork opens multiple opportunities for collaboration with aQuantum, thanks to which it will be possible to undertake research and development projects of practical, industry-ready, quantum solutions. To achieve this goal, aQuantum will contribute knowledge and experience in the development of high-quality quantum agnostic and hybrid software with QuantumPath®, in line with the principles promoted by the Talavera Manifesto.

We are convinced that this collaboration between Quantum BCS and aQuantum will not only bring great advances in Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, but will also provide useful solutions for both organizations and the entire quantum community.

At aQuantum we are happy to start this collaboration with our new French partner. Welcome Quantum BCS to aQNetwork!