Aurelio Martinez and Guido Peterssen, members of aQuantum, have published in The QPath Blog the article “QTester APP beta 1: test manager for quantum software“, in which the authors announce the launch of QTester APP.

In the article the authors state that QTester APP is the result of an extensive research and development process initiated in 2019 when, motivated by the almost non-existent scientific and technical expertise on quantum software testing and the importance of quantum software being professionally tested before being released to industry, the aQuantum scientific researchers, members of the Alarcos Research Grouptook up the challenge  of addressing quantum software testing research.

Once the first results of the scientific research were consolidated, the aQuantum Team tackled the no less complex task of extending those results to the field of applied research, for which the analysis, design and development of the most appropriate tools for quantum software testing began. The first result is the beta version of QTester, an APP of the QuantumPath® platform that provides different options for testing circuits developed with the QPath® platform for the quantum gate-based approach

In this Beta1 version, two types of tests can be run for quantum gate circuits:

  • Use case-based testing
  • Mutant-based testing

The article shows, step by step, how to perform each of these types of tests.

The authors claim that the launch of this beta is only a first milestone for the tool, as the QTester APP development project is still ongoing. Its roadmap foresees gradually extending its processes, progressively adding new types of quantum software testing for different technological approaches and, above all, incorporating advanced functionalities and specialized services that make it easier for developers to deliver zero-defect quantum programs  and ensure the quality of quantum software created with QuantumPath®.

In the summary of the article, the authors state that with the beta 1 of QTester APP aQuantum takes the first practical steps to provide tools to developers of quantum gate circuits based on the best practices of Quantum Software Engineering.

You can access the QTester APP through QuantumPath® or directly from the APP with the QPath® credentials.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Aurelio and Guido for the publication of this article.

You can read the full text of this article here or view all articles published by aQuantum here.