Aurelio Martinez, Guido Peterssen and José Luis Hevia, members of aQuantum, have published in The QPath Blog the article “Q rEngineer APP beta 1: quantum software reengineering tool (I) “, in which the authors announce the launch of QrEngineer, a new QuantumPath® APP.

In the article authors state that QrEngineer APP is the result of a broad research and development process initiated in 2019 when, motivated by the inexistence of specific methods to adapt classical information systems to new specific quantum applications, aQuantum scientific researchers, members of the Alarcos Research Group, took up the challenge to investigate reengineering, and more specifically quantum software modernization, using model-based engineering principles.

Once the first results of the scientific research were consolidated, the aQuantum Team tackled the no less complex task of “engineering” the research results, which led to the beginning of the analysis, design and development of QrEngineer, a QuantumPath® APP that allows to perform different practical actions from the perspective of quantum software reengineering to adapt, with the least possible effort, algorithms developed in other environments to the QPath® architecture.

The beta 1 version of QrEngineer APP will contain two modules:

    • Q Provider Factory, for managing adaptations of quantum software developed with other vendors’ SDK to make them QuantumPath® compatible.

In this first instalment of the article, the authors focus the analysis on Q Provider Factory, QrEngineer‘s tool for adapting quantum programs to QuantumPath® through its Q Provider Factory Python SDK and Q Provider Factory Web UI options.

In its beta 1 version, Q Provider Factory can be used in quantum programs developed with the following Python-based libraries:

    • Amazon Braket SDK
    • D-Wave Ocean SDK
    • Google Cirq SDK
    • IBM Qiskit SDK

In the summary, the authors highlight that QrEngineer APP facilitates the migration of algorithms developed in other environments and programming languages to QPath®, allowing the use of platform reengineering best practices and addressing the evolutionary maintenance of imported information systems, reducing risks and costs. In other words, QrEngineer APP beta 1 offers the first options for quantum software developers to use all the advantages of QuantumPath® without having to give up working with their favourite SDKs.

You can access the QrEngineer APP through QuantumPath®.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Aurelio, Pepe, and Guido for the publication of this article.

You can read the full text of this article here or view all articles published by aQuantum here.