As we know, the history of Computer Science is characterized by a succession of different paradigms, which in the case of software could be structured programming, object orientation, agility and DevOps. Today, with the new quantum computers (whether simulators, quantum annealers or gate-based quantum computers), new quantum programming languages (qGCL, Q Language, QML, Quipper, OpenQASM, Qiskit, Q#, Silq, etc.) are also appearing, which propose different ways of creating quantum applications.

The problem that arises, and more in these moments of rapid evolution and lack of standardization in quantum programming, is the fear of betting on a platform that does not continue in the future. All this leads companies to slow the adoption of quantum applications, which is dangerous because the use of quantum technologies can lead to a relatively important period of learning and experimentation. In addition to not being able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this new paradigm in a timely manner.

This has been one of the challenges we faced when creating QPath, as Quantum Software Development & Application Lifecycle Platform. QPath proposes an environment that makes programmers independent of the specific details of each platform and language, following the principle of “write once, run everywhere”. In this way, QPath supports the execution of quantum process units transparently from the environment in which they are executed. Therefore, it masks the complexities of the different environments by supporting the necessary transformations and automating the whole process through efficient tools.

This allows to accelerate the construction and deployment of quantum applications, abstracting their technical complexities, since programmers can focus on the domain of the problem or business model, needing only the functional knowledge required for the solution.

We believe that in this way QPath can significantly contribute to the adoption of quantum technologies and specifically enable companies to develop and deploy applications based on these technologies, safeguarding their investments.

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