At QPath® we work so that quantum software development teams have an ecosystem of tools that facilitate the adoption of quantum software and that maximize productivity throughout the entire life cycle: from the creation of the quantum algorithm through its development, testing and implementation, to its deployment and reuse.

Thanks to our continuous activity in R&D in the field of Quantum Software Engineering and Programming, as well as the incorporation of its results to the QPath® development roadmap, we frequently add new functionalities that enrich, in different ways, the capabilities of the platform. Among the functionalities added in the last months to the public version of QPath® that in a particular way enrich its capabilities, the following stand out:

  • Allow developers, according to the needs of each project, to select the level of agnosticity that most contributes to the productivity of the development of each solution:
    • 100% agnostic
    • Semi-agnostic with DirectCode
  • The support, by design, of the development of algorithms and apps for quantum computers with the main technological approaches: quantum gates and quantum annealing
  • The implementation of the qSOA™ architecture that enables the integration of quantum software and classical IT through ConnectionPoints and its open standard-based protocol.
  • The Q assets compositor™ implementation and its tools for the visual design of algorithms and quantum Apps:
    • Quantum Gates editor
    • Annealing compositor
    • DirectCode editor

All this designed and developed applying the principles of the Talavera Manifesto to actively contribute to the development of high-quality quantum software, something that we consider strategic to accelerate the adoption of quantum software development for the real-world.

In addition, these developments also allow us to advance in meeting the objectives of our Quantum Software Workforce research line, which inspire us to develop tools for the development of highly professional quantum algorithms and apps, but with very friendly visual interfaces and a powerful REST API to interact with, in which it’s not necessary to manually program the code in any programming language, simplifying the tasks of developers to the maximum and, in this way, directly contributing to the acceleration of the growth of the workforce necessary for the development of quantum software.

If you want to know the capabilities of QPath® or update the latest version of it, we recommend you visit the website of the platform specialized in this content: QPath Capabilities – QuantumPath