One of the greatest obstacles to the growth of the emerging quantum computing industry today is the shortage of specialized workforce. The situation is so worrying that this is one of the most urgent problems to be solved in the countries that are leading the race in quantum computing technology and that are betting on the quantum industry as a growth engine for their economies.

To develop quantum software today there is not only the enormous difficulty of having to do it with a new technological and programming paradigm. There is also a wide variety of quantum programming languages, a large number of programming development environments, a wide variety of types of quantum simulators and hardware, and there is still no methodology for developing high-quality quantum software.

Bearing in mind the lack of workforce required for the development of commercial quantum software, we addressed the challenge of designing and developing QPath, a quantum software development and lifecycle application platform that facilitates the work of engineers and programmers in the development of quantum software

QPath has been designed and developed in accordance with the principles and commitments of the Talavera Manifesto in the field of software engineering and quantum programming and, therefore, is agnostic regarding quantum programming languages and technologies and supports the management of quantum software development projects.

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