Whatever we do, there is a software solution to efficiently solve any need.

Contrary to what one might think with the news of quantum supremacy, for multiple reasons the huge stock of clasical software applications does not lose its usefulness with the appearance of quantum computing and, much less, humanity could afford to destroy the billions of euros invested in the classic software running in the world as long as it works efficiently, and therefore maintains its functional validity and its market value.

For these reasons, an important part of the new software business before us is hybrid and to develop it, to exploit it successfully, it will be necessary to use software solutions specially designed to facilitate the integration of these two worlds of software.

Such is the case of QPath, an ecosystem of tools, services and processes that enables quantum/classical hybrid information systems, which makes it possible the execution of quantum process units transparently for the environment in which they are executed.

QPath has been designed and developed according to the principles and commitments of Talavera Manifesto on the field of software engineering and quantum programming and therefore considers the evolution of quantum software and embraces the coexistence of classical and quantum computing.

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