QHealth: Quantum Pharmacogenomics applied to aging” is a research project with a huge proportion of model research, study, and design. The QHealth team is conscious that these models must be thoroughly verified before being applied to health systems.

Like any other multidisciplinary project, until the QHealth objectives are consolidated, the team works on the different parts of the research. One of the tasks is the research and design of valid abstraction layers and information models in the field of pharmacogenomics and the interaction with the quantum-hybrid information system.

It will be necessary obtain a certain abstraction layers in the interfaces and instructions between systems and researchers that will make possible works at high-level of abstraction of the low-level requirements of the specific quantum services. The output code is still human readable, so it cannot be executed directly unless the abstraction layers and it’s underlying substrates will be invoked.

We consider very important to provide high-level languages for establishing relationships between human specifications and quantum computer algorithms. This is one of the critical cues for the success of this exciting project.