aQuantum, Gloin and Madrija join in a Consortium to carry out the project “QHealth: Quantum pharmacogenomics applied to aging”, contributing to increasing longevity with good quality of life.

QHealth will study and design scientific, methodological and technological models to establish the fundamentals of a classical/quantum hybrid system able to carry out optimizations and simulations whose realization in classical hardware is not possible in acceptable timescales.  The hybrid system, in combination with classical health applications, will give its outputs to medical professionals involved in prescribing drugs to older adults. The hybrid system to be investigated will not only have a human impact, it will also have a financial impact because it will optimize the investments that health systems make in financing drugs and address the adverse effects that drugs often generate in older people.

The aim of the members of the Consortium is to exploit the results of the research of the QHealth project for the development of the artifacts required for a hybrid classical/quantum platform specialized in services to pharmacogenomics applied to ageing. The execution of those future developments will be carried out both individually and with the collaboration of aQuantum Partner Network, the collaboration network of aQuantum in which participate all the companies of the Consortium.

The project, presented to the “MISIONES” program of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, will start next August.

Learn more about QHealth here