This August 2020 a new challenge began for us, the execution of project QHealth related to Health, longevity and improvement of quality of life, studying the pharmacogenomics of the seniors.

Using the latest quantum computing technologies to overcome the limitations of data analysis to reliably reach customized medicines!.

Composed of a Consortium of great value in knowledge and experience in their fields (aQuantum, Madrija, Gloin), all efforts will be devoted to research and design an information system that, based on the necessary input data (R&D, experience, medical data), will be capable of generating results that help the health professional to be able to prescribe the best combination of drugs to the person with the least negative interaction with the patient, side effects and costs, improving their quality of life and – by extension – their longevity.

A project that will allow us to learn how to redesign software engineering processes on the design and future construction of an information system that, without losing sight of its final objective, will be able to integrate and interact with the world of information technology. Quantum computing and the specific algorithms that will allow us to study the data and generate responses with a power unmatched to date. A hybrid architecture of high performance and scalability of classic systems combined with a democratized, scalable, extensible and agnostic manufacturer’s high-level quantum services architecture for healthcare.

Among the planned tasks of the project are projected as challenges, are the research and design of an ecosystem that  let us research and design the fundamentals of a modular, reliable, extensible and agnostic hybrid platform that will try to break down a wall: the exploitation of quantum services applied to a set of specific use cases related to health and longevity – applied pharmacogenomics – that have been limited until now by the current hardware.

A big oportunity to be near the future, today…