Our colleagues from the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Porto have launched a wonderful initiative to share information about quantum computing: QCtalks, Series of Talks on Quantum Computing.

As disclosed on the QCtalks website, with this series of talks they intend to provide a long-term forum for the presentation and discussion of recent achievements and challenges regarding quantum computing that, although above all it will focus on computer science aspects, it will also cover quantum computing engineering and technologies.

The Series will consist of talks given by leading scientists and researchers from academia, research labs, and industry, and intends to cover the wide spectrum of topics regarding quantum computing, from programming models and languages to technologies, and applications.

The Series is organized in cycles, each consisting of 4 talks, likely 1 or 2 talks per month, and sporadically even including panel discussions.

QCtalks is aimed at members of the academic world, researchers and practitioners from labs and industry as well as university students.

To attend the QCtalks you need to register online, but this is free.

You can learn more about QCtalks at https://dei.fe.up.pt/qctalks/

Congratulations on this initiative and we wish you the best possible success in the important task of spreading knowledge about quantum computing.