Through the post “QuantumPath® Agnostic QAOA: Annealing optimization algorithms on quantum gate computers“, published in The QPath Blog, José Luis Hevia, Mario Piattini and Guido Peterssen, members of aQuantum, have announced the launch of the most recent technological innovation of QPath®: Q Agnostic QAOA™.

In the design and development of QuantumPath®, special attention is paid to available technologies, evolving technologies, best practices in software development, workforce needs, etc. This has made it possible to implement a set of technological advantages to develop quantum algorithms and software applications with these platforms (qSOA®, Q Software Tecnology®, Q Assets Compositor®, Q Software Engineering®) to which Q Agnostic QAOA™ is now added.

After months of research and development, the QPath® development team has achieved the initial goal of extending the agnostic nature of the platform to the development of QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimisation Algorithm). As a result of this work, Q Agnostic QAOA™ offers a pre-parameterised implementation of agnostic ansatz capable of being run on different quantum gate providers in an annealing formulation problem.

Good news for QuantumPath® developers, as indicated in the article, is that the annealing optimization algorithms they had already developed on the platform, which could only be run on annealing computers, can now also be run on all quantum gate computers without the need to alter the original design. From now on, all quantum developers will have to do is add the new gate-based QAOA quantum computing providers to their solutions, transpile and experiment on many more technologies than initially available.

Aware of the high expectations of the advantages offered by the Quantum Approximate Optimisation Algorithm (QAOA) to address the optimized solution to critical processes in multiple societal activities, and aware of the limitations that exist for QAOA development for different gate and annealing computers, the authors believe that by extending the principle of full quantum software portability from QPath® to QAOA, and thereby making it feasible to write once, run everywhere, be it quantum gate and/or annealing computers, Q Agnostic QAOA™ facilitates the work of quantum algorithm developers, increases productivity, reduces development time and costs and, as a result, will contribute to the acceleration of quantum software adoption.

You can learn more about Q Agnostic QAOA™ in “QuantumPath® Agnostic QAOA: Annealing optimization algorithms on quantum gate computers“.

Try QuantumPath’s Q Agnostic QAOA™, you’ll be amazed.

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