The Department of Informatics  of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), already a member of aQNetwork, becomes member of “QuantumPath Academic Community”, which in this case encompasses the Academic and Research Agreements. This agreement opens up a promising horizon for collaboration between the DI (PUC-Rio) and aQuantum,

PUC-Rio  has more than 12.000 undegraduate students and 3.000 graduate students; and it is ranked 6th  among Brazilian universities and the 7th best university in Latin America (The World University Rankings 2021); and it is leader in Latin America in Industry Development, Innovation and Infraestructure.

aQuantum, a company that provides tools for the development of quantum algorithms and apps, services and processes that enable the integration of hybrid quantum/classical information systems, intends to promote networking of centers and universities interested in quantum technology research. To this end aQuantum hosts and maintains QuantumPath® software.

The QuantumPath® Research and Academic Agreements provides organizations such as PUC-Rio with access to and use of QuantumPath®, the platform for the development and life cycle of quantum algorithms and software applications. aQuantum and DI (PUC-Rio) will collaborate for developing Quantum Software Engineering  and Programming methodologies and tools, following the principles of the Talavera Manifesto. To achieve the expected goals of the collaboration, aQuantum and DI (PUC-Rio)  will carry out several Proofs of Concept (PoC) and industrial case studies in this area with QuantumPath®.

At aQuantum we are very excited about the start of this new collaboration with DI (PUC-Rio) and we are convinced that collaborating around QuantumPath® will allow us to successfully achieve our goals of applying Quantum Software Engineering and Programming to the real world.