José Luis Hevia and Alonso Martín-Toledano, members of aQuantum, have published in The QPath® Blog the article “Q xCompositor, practical examples of quantum gate circuit development”.

In the article the authors show, in a practical way, how to work with Q xCompositor, a tool of the Q Assets Compositor® family of QuantumPath® that allows the development of circuits with Microsoft Excel, taking advantage of the features of this software.

The practical exposition is carried out through two use cases:

    • Creation of a 100-qubit QRNG circuit with Q xCompositor
    • Editing an existing circuit, Teleportation, with Q xCompositor

Q xCompositor, which has full integration with QPath®, becomes a tool to consider for creating, with less effort, scalable quantum gate circuits with large numbers of qubits.

The aQuantum Team congratulates Pepe and Alonso for the publication of this article.

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